Most recipes turn out great but sometimes they just don’t turn out for whatever reasons.  I’ve had my share of failed recipes over the years and have tucked those little mishaps away, hoping to learn from them.  I truly love getting in the kitchen to start a new recipe and lining up the ingredients and getting started. I’ve never been much of a photographer but I’m learning that lighting is key and I don’t have much natural light in my kitchen.  With the winter month’s upon us there are precious few hours of good light.  It’s a work in progress and sometimes I get in a hurry and forget an ingredient.  Sometimes I have the wrong setting on the camera and the pictures don’t turn out.  I never know how it’s going to turn out until that first bite or when I load the pictures up on the big screen of my computer.  I only post the good recipes and here’s a few that failed to make the cut.

This Apple Berry Cobbler was so pretty and actually tasted pretty good.  But the biscuit topping turned out hard little discs that were dense and not very appealing with the cobbler filling.  We peeled off the biscuits and added a dollop of vanilla ice cream.  I will definitely try this again.  I’ll be sure to get my biscuit recipe perfected first though.

I always make Fresh Corn Cakes in the summer which are so yummy with a little honey chili butter on the side.  These were the prettiest little cakes I have ever made but I forgot one thing . . . .   the baking powder.  Sometimes pretty doesn’t equal taste and these little guys came up flat and didn’t make the cut.  Next summer when the fresh corn is in season I’ll give it another try.

This was the biggest flop of all.  I had this great idea for making pies in a jar and using egg roll wrappers for the crust.  It was a bust.  My thinking was that the odd shape of the jars would be hard to fit a pie crust into and thought that an egg roll wrapper would mold easier.  First off, I used fresh fruit and it needed longer cooking time and the egg roll wrappers burned along the top edges.  They were too tough to eat and tasted awful.  So we peeled away the wrappers and spooned out the filling and ate it with ice cream.  Lesson learned!

My Spinach Soup was tasty and delicious but the pictures made it look unappealing.  I’m going to work on presentation for this recipe in the future.

My first attempt at making Sangria.  Too much fruit, not enough flavor.

Before I ever started this blog I played around with taking photos.  These Meatball Subs were the first photos I attempted. The lights above the stove had a yellow cover plate which made every photo a distinct yellow hue.  There was no salvaging these pics.  Now I take the cover off before I take pictures.

Ahhh, my birthday pie!  I always make a Peach Pie for my birthday and when I went to the store to pick up peaches they only had white peaches on sale.  Being a thrifty shopper I picked up the white peaches thinking they would work just as well.   This pie was beautiful, but when I cut into it and took that first bite all I felt was disappointment.  It was so bland, I don’t think any amount of sugar or spice would make this pie taste good.   At the time, I had a sick kid at home whose taste buds were off.  He thought that pie was the only thing that tasted good and ate almost every morsel of that pie.

This Honey Asian Chicken was going along really well and then I left the stove for a few minutes and the sugars burned leaving me with a pan of chicken in a black syrupy goo.  There was no salvaging this dish.  Next time I will stay by the stove and keep my eyes on the skillet.

Tortilla Soup.  Whenever I feel a cold coming on and my immune system needs a boost, I make a pot of tortilla soup filled with onions, garlic, hot chile, broth and tomatoes.  This soup never fails, but my pictures sure did.  After about a week of horrible pictures, I thought I had lost my touch.  What was going on . . . Joe finally took a look at my camera and found that I had knocked one of the settings off that made every picture blurry.  So once he had the settings back in order everything started looking up, including my photos.

While I was trying to perfect the NM Red Enchilada sauce I made a pan of rolled enchiladas.  I made red enchilada sauce with all NM Red Chiles which produced a much redder sauce than my enchilada post last week.  However, it didn’t have the right spice and flavor for the sauce.  When I added the Ancho Chiles I found that spice element I was looking for.  These rolled enchiladas were good but not good enough to share.

My Stuffed Green Chile and Cheese Burgers were so ooh soo good but every picture was a touch blurry.  This was the best photo of the bunch.  Usually I only make stuffed burgers once a year but this year I made them twice and on the 2nd try I finally had the pictures to share what these burgers are really made of.

I think this was the beginning of when I bumped the camera and changed all the settings.  I was up to my elbows in apples and had decided to put up pie filling in the freezer with the remaining apples I had on hand.  When I loaded the pictures into the computer nearly every photo was so blurry, like I was in constant motion.   It was 2 days straight of apple recipes and I’m glad I got through the best of them before I bumped the settings on the camera.

And last but not least, my Sausage and Ricotta filled Calzones.  Can you believe I forgot the cheese!  No, not the ricotta cheese, but the mozzarella cheese which makes it creamy inside.  Well I did, and these calzones;  while beautiful on the outside were really not so great on the inside.  Everyone cut into their calzones and I got these funny looks like “What’s missing here?”  I confess, I get in a hurry and forget sometimes.  Take it from someone who inspires to be better.  Don’t worry about the recipes that aren’t perfect.  Learn what tastes good and what works best, try again and I’ll bet those recipes turn out great the next time.