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Lucie from C’est la Vie Cuisine has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award.  Lucie describes herself as French, living among her fellow Americans, which I think is so amazing!  She currently lives in New Mexico which is one reason we’ve connected, and I love the way she adds little hints of NM into her french cuisine.  So go check out her blog at  Thank You Lucie!

11 random facts about Lucie:

  1. I’m a lefty. But I cut (with scissors) and play ball like a righty. Yes, I’m that good J
  2. I have lived in 4 different countries so far:  France, Canada, Austria and U.S (visited many more)
  3. I love “saucisson sec”
  4. I took my first steps in Italy
  5. I got married twice, to the same man. Once in Vegas, and once in a Castle on the French country side. Now you can all be jealous J
  6. When I was 10, I was waitressing at the “Festival de l’escargots” in my village. I got 5 Francs in tip
  7. One of my summer jobs was to pick up tobacco in Switzerland. Those leafs are sticky!
  8. I have an American “host family” and I’m still super close to them
  9. I learned to speak English when I was 16
  10. I’m really good at linking songs to movies. My brain is weird like that
  11. I have 2 sisters, one is 15 years younger than me

And now her questions for me . . .

1.  If you could time travel, where would you go?

I would go back to my childhood and relive some of my favorite memories with my best friend Ruby.  We became friends when I was 2 years old and she was 1 and remained like sisters for over 40 years.  She lost her battle with cancer in 2011 and there’s been a hole in my heart ever since.

2.  What is your favorite movie?

I could watch Dirty Dancing all day long!  So sad that Patrick Swazye is no longer with us!

3.  What is your favorite book?

Actually there are 3 books by Louise Shaffer that have the most amazing connections.  They are “The Three Miss Margarets”, “The Ladies of Garrison Gardens”, and “Family Acts”.

4.  What’s your all-time favorite food?

Home cooked french fries (fried not baked) with salsa!  Haven’t had any for years, but it’s still my favorite.

5.  Crepes with jam or nutella?

Lingonberry Jam!

6.  What sports did you play as a kid?

The only sport I participated in was track and field.  I mainly rode my horse out on the farm (with Ruby)!

7.  If you could live in a TV show, which one would it be?

Well, lately I’m obsessed with McLeod’s Daughters, an Australian series I’m watching on Hulu, it’s about a group of women (sisters and friends) running a ranch a cattle ranch.  The beautiful ranch, riding horses and living more simplistic would be appealing to me, at least for a little while!

8.  What is your favorite vacation spot?

I would have to say the Big Island of Hawaii.  I could spend hours at the Kapoho tidal pools, the water is the most beautiful turquoise and the snorkeling is fantastic!

9.  What is your favorite cheese?

Josh’s home made farmers cheese that he made 2 summers ago!

10. Name your first pet?

Carly, at big cream colored cat that I named for my brother Carl!

11.  Give an example of a time when you went wild?

I can’t say, my kids might read this!

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