My fellow blogger Anne from Uni Homemaker has honored me with a nomination for One Lovely Blog Award.  She’s quite an inspiration and has a beautiful blog.  Thank you Anne!

Some things about me:

1.  I’m a rabid Detroit Red Wings Hockey fan and so depressed that there is a lockout going on as of now.  I’m tortured without hockey!

2.  My husband Joe and I celebrated our 30th anniversary this year.

3.  I recently joined facebook and have reconnected with old friends!

4.  I’m a total cat person!   Love my cats Sam and Cheli.

5.  Cooking and baking are more satisfying than eating for me.

6.  I won a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer from the Pioneer Woman blog!

7.  I go thrifting every week at Goodwill and other thriftstores looking for plates, bowls, any beautiful or vintage kitchen utensil that I can use in the kitchen.  I’m always striving to make my food look pretty!

I love to look at all sorts of blogs from food to photography to travel blogs.  I love the personal touches that comes through with the photos and stories that are told.  I enjoy reading and learning about you all through your blogs and appreciate those who visit mine.

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