My fellow blogger Justafrugalfoodie has tagged me for the Sunshine Blog Award for “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.    She’s been one of my most vocal supporters and I appreciate all the kindness she sends my way.

Favorite color:   Red

Favorite number:  The numbers worn by Detroit Red Wings Players

Favorite non-alcoholic drink:  Coke with a juicy fresh squeezed lime

Facebook or Twitter:  Not there yet with either

My passion:  Family first, Detroit Red Wings Hockey, Cooking, my Soaps, and New Mexico

Favorite animal:  Cats, specifically Sam and Cheli

Now that’s attitude!

Getting or giving presents:  Giving is so much more fun!

Favorite day:  Any day when the sun is shining!

Favorite flower:  Tulips

Some favorites I’m following now: 

La Petit Brioche:  Describes herself as home schooled in the art of baking and cooking.  I wish I could bake like her, she is very artistic and makes everything look beautiful.  Once I saw the Lemon Blueberry Pull Apart Bread I was hooked. 

A Melancholy Moose:  If you like vintage kitchen bowls, Ash has quite a collection.  For such a young woman, she has a vintage style that shows off her personality.  I love her crafty mind and her decorative style. 

Malou Prestado:  Malou has a beautiful blog about Going Dutch.  She loves her family, food and traveling.  I’m always amazed at her photos of her travels and the culture in which she is experiencing right now. 

la bella vita:  Every photo will tantalize you.  I am always wishing I could have a taste of that authentic Italian cuisine.

Again, thanks to Justa for inspiring me to keep on blogging and sharing my love of food and recipes.  Check out her blog because she’s got an amazing blog herself.  She has a way of writing with wit and humor that makes you feel at home.  And she likes to show the steps of how a recipe comes together just like I do, so go by and check out her blog, it’ll make your day!

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