I have to thank Fae at Fae’s Trist & Tango for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger award. It’s always nice to be recognized from someone whom I admire in the blogging world.  She has a unique blog that reflects her personality focusing on food, travel and culture.  Thanks Fae!

7 things about me

1. The foods you won’t find in my kitchen are celery, green bell pepper and coconut.

2. I’m not a fan of cumin, fennel or cloves.

3. I traced my family tree back to Ireland and Scotland and dream of visiting someday!

4. I like to binge watch tv shows on Netflix and Hulu Plus.

5. My favorite shows on tv now are “Walking Dead” and “Justified”.

6. I collect Robert Arnold Southwest painted tiles.

7. I love photographs of old doors, specifically doors from New Mexico.  The doors at the top of my blog are photos Josh took of old doors on the farm.

I love to look at all sorts of blogs from food to photography to travel blogs.  I love the personal touches that comes through with the photos and stories that are told.  I enjoy reading and learning about you all through your blogs and appreciate those who visit mine.

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