It’s been 5 years since I first posted our tradition of putting up green chile for the freezer.  Time to update and revisit my favorite time of year.  It’s the time when the big trucks drive up, the roasters come out and they start to unload those fresh Green Chiles from The Land of Enchantment.  It’s Green Chile season and I’m in heaven.  I’ve lived away from NM over 20 years and other than my family, chile season is the time I miss most with the aroma of roasted chile in the air.  There’s nothing like it and the chile is so delicious right after it’s been roasted.  Several years ago they started bringing in truckloads of Hatch Chile to one of the grocery stores here in the Kansas City area and roasting it outside on the weekends.  Always before I had to ask my family back home to please put up some chile in the freezer for me.  They always came through but it’s really special to be able to put up my own and experience the aroma and taste firsthand.  This year they were especially meaty and hot.


We weren’t sure when the Chile would arrive.  There were no advertisements, but I knew that anytime between now and the end of August it would be here.  So we drove the 30 minutes to the Price Chopper store and there it was, the roaster was out and there were boxes full of fresh Chile with that familiar Hatch logo.  This here is our master roaster, he roasts chile to perfection.


Turn on the propane tank and watch the roaster spin!


All done, Mike scoops the chiles into the box into a garbage sized plastic bag before placing back in the box.


In the early years we could only get Las Uvas but now it’s Young Guns.  When Young Guns says Hot,they mean HOT!  Really love their chile.

They have instructions on the box.

More instructions.

We had a 30 minute drive to get back home so they’ve had the right amount of time to sweat it out.

I open up the sack and the steam rises up and the aroma fills the air.

Meanwhile, Joe’s been getting the Seal-a-Meal up and going.  We used to package the chile in zip lock bags but over time they would freezer burn and I need them to last throughout the year until I can get more.  The vacuum sealer works much better.


Our tradition is to set aside a couple of chiles to make quesadillas while we package up the chile for the freezer.   So good with freshly roasted chile!

Time to put them into the bags.  I put 4 – 5 chiles in each one.

Joe vacuum sealed them and set them aside.

While I was placing them in the bags, I would put aside the big meaty ones for Chile Rellenos or Flamethrowers.

I put aside 8 bags of the big chiles.

Back into the box they go on their way to the freezer.  I put up 101 bags this year, plus another 8 bags of the big chiles.

Into the freezer they go.  Be sure to look up my favorite green chile recipes under “Red or Green”.