A few warm days is all I need to get in the mood for Springtime.  Any day with sunshine and above 50 degrees is a day to be outdoors and watch the Robins that have just returned home.  It’s a sure sign that Spring is just around the corner when the trees begin to bud and my outdoor herbs start to break through the ground.  I think of lemons in Springtime with the colors of sunshine.  Some fresh squeezed lemonade would be refreshing but what I really wanted was some sorbet.  Along with a bag of lemons, I found some bright red strawberries to add to the mix for a Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet.  A frozen treat that was not too tart and not too sweet.  


Sorbets are really simple to make.  You need some sugar and water to make a “simple syrup” along with your fruit of choice.  I’ll need enough lemons to make 1 cup of juice, zest of 2 lemons and a 1 lb carton of fresh strawberries.  If you prefer a softer sorbet, add a tablespoon of alcohol to the mix, preferably something you wouldn’t mind tasting in the background.


Juice enough lemons to make 1 cup of juice and zest 2 whole lemons.


Add the water, sugar and lemon zest to a heavy bottomed pot and bring just to a boil.  Remove the pot from the burner and let the syrup cool down.


Once the syrup has cooled down a bit, add the cup of lemon juice.


Pour into a blender and add the cut up strawberries and alcohol.


Place the lid on tight and puree the contents.  Since it was so full, I used the pulse button to slowly puree the mix.


Run the mix through a strainer to remove any pulp and seeds.


Here’s your mixture.  Set in the fridge for a couple hours to chill before running through the ice cream maker.


Pour the sorbet mix into your ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacturers instructions.


Such a pretty colored sorbet.  The perfect amount of tart and sweet for a springtime day!


Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet

4 – 5 Lemons, enough to squeeze 1 cup of juice
Zest of 2 Lemons
1 (1 lb carton) Fresh Strawberries, stemmed and cut into pieces
2 1/2 cups Water
1 cup Sugar
1 tablespoon Alcohol, such as Vodka or Grand Marnier, optional

In a heavy bottomed non reactive pot add the sugar, water and lemon zest.  Stir the pot and bring just to a boil.  Remove from heat and let cool.

When the syrup has cooled, add the lemon juice and place into a blender along with the strawberries and alcohol.  Puree the mixture until smooth.  Pour the contents through a strainer to remove any pulp and seeds.  Chill the mixture for 2 hours or overnight.

Pour the contents into an ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacturers instructions.