Leftover Cuban pork makes the best Cuban pork panini sandwich.  Sometimes called a “Cubano” it’s traditionally a ham and cheese sandwich with pickles, mustard and Cuban pork on a crusty french bread.  Joe and I agree that there’s something about the tart dill pickle that makes this sandwich.  I didn’t want too much bread so I sliced the loaf diagonally to make smaller sandwiches.  One panini was perfect for me but the guys each had two.


The ingredients are simple, Cuban pork, ham, Swiss cheese slices, dill pickle slices, Dijon mustard, and a crusty french bread.


Slice the bread diagonally.  Place the cheese on the bottom and top, which makes it easier to melt when pressed.  Add the pickles, ham and roast and slather some Dijon mustard on one slice of the bread.


All assembled and ready to go.  Just need to lightly spread some butter on the top and bottom slices of bread.


Place the sandwich on a heated grill or griddle and press.


Flip them over when the bread begins to brown and the cheese melts.


Cuban Pork Panini Sandwich

8 slices Crusty French Bread, sliced diagonally
8 slices Cuban Pork Roast, sliced thick
4 slices Ham, sliced thick
8 slices Swiss Cheese
Dill Pickle Slices
Dijon Mustard

Assemble sandwich; take 2 slices of french bread and slather Dijon mustard on one side.  Place cheese slice followed by ham, pork, dill pickle slices and another slice of cheese.  Butter both outer sides of the sandwich and place on a preheated grill or griddle.  Turn the heat to medium.  Place the press on top.  Let cook 3 – 4  minutes until the bread starts to brown and the cheese melts.  Flip sandwich over and grill the other side.

Makes 4 Panini Sandwiches