A few weeks ago I spent a few days with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Paula.  We’ve been friends since 7th grade but lost contact for a few years when we got married, had our families and lived so far apart.  We have since reconnected and found that old friends never lose touch, they just start up where they left off and keep on going.  And now we have new memories to build on.  During Paula’s visit we cooked some fun meals and ate out to taste some of the local favorites.  We didn’t go hungry, that’s for sure!  When we were chatting about food she mentioned her favorite roasted corn with a mayo based sauce that is out of this world. It sounded so scrumptious that I started looking up recipes.  I found several different variations and came up with a combination that sounded tempting.  Thanks Paula for the tip, my family may never go back to butter again!


You’ll need 4 – 6 ears of fresh corn, mayo, sour cream, queso fresco cheese, garlic, cilantro, guajillo chile flakes and a few lime wedges.


Use a fine grate for the queso fresco cheese to get that fine crumbly appearance.  It also mixes in well with the other ingredients.  Add the mayo, sour cream, cheese, finely grated garlic, chile flakes and cilantro.  Mix it all together and refrigerate until ready to use.


The corn can be grilled on either gas or charcoal.  These were grilled over gas in a grill pan which I like to use when I roast corn without the husks.  It will make the roast time a little bit slower but won’t burn so easily.


I cooked these at a very high temperature and turned them every few minutes for approx 15 minutes.


I spooned the sauce over the corn which is a bit messy but well worth it.  Sprinkle a little reserved cheese over top with a light sprinkle of chile flakes and spritz with lime juice.


Mexican Street Corn (adapted from Serious Eats)

1/4 cup Mayonnaise, preferably Hellmann’s
1/4 cup Sour Cream
1/2 cup finely grated Queso Fresco, plus more for sprinkling on top
1/2 teaspoon Guajillo chile flakes, plus more for sprinkling on top
1 medium clove Garlic, grated on a microplane grater
1/4 cup Cilantro, roughly chopped
4 – 6 ears Corn
1 Lime, cut into wedges

Combine mayo, sour cream, cheese, chile flakes, garlic and cilantro in a medium bowl.  Stir until well blended and refrigerate until ready to use.

Heat a charcoal or gas grill.  Set a grill pan on the grill and allow to heat for 5 minutes.  Set the corn on the grill pan and rotate corn every few minutes for about 15 minutes allowing corn to cook through and char on all sides.  ** Cook time was based on a gas grill, if using charcoal, time may be cut down by a few minutes.

When corn is ready to serve, spoon mayo cheese spread evenly over corn on all sides.  Sprinkle with reserved extra cheese and chile flakes.  Serve with a spritz of lime juice.